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Better Deal


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With a financial fund by creating a group with the following parameters:

  • Fundraising goal for equity shareholding

  • Target contribution for each member

  • Number of days between member contributions

  • Number of contributions before cash pay-out

u003cstrongu003eWays to Fund equity shareholding!u003c/strongu003e

Invest with a group by inviting friends to contribute equally.

Invest alone with no support from friends

Invest safely while you build your credit history!

Most people struggle to meet their investment goals. Our platform provides access to financial institutions and retail investors that seek a safe return on investments. With the support of your group and the risk management systems that we have implemented, you can reach your financial goals safely while building your credit.u003cbru003e

Earn tax deductible interest income investing in Bonds!

The equity shareholding funds raised are invested in Federal Government of Nigeria savings bond – FGNSB for each member according to contributions. These bonds pay Interest income which is exempted from tax and is paid into the bond-holder’s account at the Central Securities Clearing System – CSCS every quarter.

To learn more about FGNSB

FGNSB Frequently Asked Questions

Borrow bonds from friends when you need funds!

On our platform your friends lend their bonds to you and you can do the same. Such that you all get access to larger funds from investors as group assets are pooled together on the platform. This can be arranged in rotating format such that each member gets the pool of assets at each periodic contribution. u003cbru003e

Get funds by trading bonds while still earning interest!

We have established a liquid financial market where these bonds can be sold with an agreement to repurchase the security at a future date at a higher repurchase price. u003cbru003eu003cbru003eHowever economic benefits (i.e. coupons and interest income) are retained by the seller, who continues to earn interest income on securities while it is held by the buyer. The difference in the repurchase price and purchase price is the return of investment to the buyeru003cbru003e

Build credit and get access to loans from Banks!

By simply participating in an e-Link Esusu group you can boost your credit score. We share your transaction data with the credit bureaus to enhance your credit score. We report all transactions on the platform to the credit bureaus for the safety and well-being of the group. Banks with access to your credit information can make better credit decisions to grant you loans.u003cbru003e

Order your credit report!

Because most of the investors on the platform are regulated financial institutions and to protect members of the group against credit default, we require new members to submit their credit report and bank verification number in order to join a group. You can order your credit report from any of the nation’s credit bureau.

Credit registry

Get insurance protection!

We understand that life event can occur, to protect members we provide insurance services for certain risku003cbru003e

Open a trading account with a Custodian Bank!

Group opens custody account at UBA Global investor services, Plc. They provide settlement service to process securities trades and provide safe-keep of group cash contributions. u003cbru003e

Open a securities account with CSCS!

For each member of group, a CSCS account is opened for FGN savings bond holdings

Automated payment systems!

We provide access to payment platforms for easy withdrawal of contributions. You provide a debit card that would be deducted for your periodic contributions

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